A warehouse in Los Angeles, in the past

Looking back at my life, I’ve done a lot of things throughout the years. It’s not that my life has been full of only nice stories. Some really bad choices have been made, although I think the last one was a long time ago now. Things have turned out well and I think that one of the really crucial decisions was for me to move out west. In 2007, I moved to Los Angeles to work in a warehouse. Everything from thereon have been pretty damn good, and in retrospect, I’m really happy about my decision.

As you might have notices for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been talking a lot about my past. This is because I was told that this is a good idea to move on. You know, the classic “deal with your past” thing you’ve always heard about. I figured I would give it a go. This time, I got stuck on my days in the warehouse in Los Angeles.

I’d say that I think about this time about once a year, maybe? It was great moving to Los Angeles, and working at the warehouse was much better than I expected. But now, it’s a pretty long time ago and I tend to forget the feeling of that kind of thing pretty fast. I don’t remember what it smelt like in my warehouse in Los Angeles. I can’t really remember what it felt like living in Los Angeles at all, nor working in a warehouse, back then. All I remember is the overall feeling about this period in time, and that was good – really good.

As I understand it, and when I’ve posted about this before, I’m not the only one moving to Los Angeles to work in a warehouse. Especially during some times of year, this is very common. And also especially by people from the east coast, like myself. Maybe it’s the warmth. That was at least contributory in my decision to move to Los Angeles even though the warehouse wasn’t always very warm.

What does your past look like? Is there anyone else who wants to share their story with me, about warehouse Los Angeles or anything else?

I’d be happy to hear what you have to say!

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